Life is a wheel that spins slowly,

the grand circle of joy and despair.

If I can, I’ll try to stop the wheel

and live forever without time or lines.

I feel the burns and smell the stench,

and I see the light, the crash of thunder,

the sour flavor of death on my tongue.

That wheel turns as it wants,

now spinning faster and faster,

tearing gum-drop buttons off my jacket

and sewing hooks on my shirt with thread,

then hooking it together again.

I will stop this nonsense wheel

and send it crashing down because

when life moves too fast, we can’t see

if trees waltz with the wind, or fall with fatigue.

If I draw a picture, then walk around in it,

will the life that spins finally slow?

If I listen to the beautiful sounds of time

will it stop and rest on a note?

I know if I stop a speeding train with

a solid wall, it will derail and explode.

So if I stop the wheel, I may live forever,

but the world will derail and explode

into many rocky shards.

This is a poem that I wrote in a writing class a couple semesters ago. It has been published in my school’s literary magazine to be released in the spring. This poem about determination was one of my favorites and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I hope everyone else enjoys it too. I will be publishing a poem or two every now and then. Like I said, my blog is going to be a collage of sorts.