I have been so busy as of late and I have not done well in maintaining this blog. I am still writing like crazy, but I just never get around to posting on here. But I promise to try and do so with more regularity in the future. I am learning how to be consistent and manage stress, and all I can do is keep going.

So what has been going on? Well I am taking two literature courses this semester, both of which require a lot of reading and writing. Then there is a literacy class (my favorite) in which there is more heavy reading and writing. I am in a Music History course, and a Piano Pedagogy course where I am learning the art of teaching piano to beginner students. With all of the school work, writing in my journals, planning my novel, and tutoring in the writing center, I just overlook my blog. But I am making it a point to post more consistently.

Also, the content of my blog is going to expand. It will be a great conglomeration of things, mental illness being one thing. But I was afraid that people wanted it to be just about my experiences with schizoaffective disorder and there is so much more to me and to people’s lives than just their illnesses, physical or psychological. So I am pushing the boundaries of my blog and while I will update my progress of recovery and continue to write on it, my illness will not be the only focus of my blog. I have loads more to share with people, but I want to remain encouraging and supportive to anyone who needs it.

My next post WILL be part 3 of my three-part post on Schizoaffective disorder, but I want to branch out a little too. I want to show more than one side of me. I hope people find it interesting. I am sorry for such a long delay of posts. I need to get better at this.

(Part 3 will be up really soon. It’s mostly written, just needs to be updated.)