I saw something similar to this a good while back and it stuck with me ever since. Here’s my take on it. You never know the bottom of the ocean unless to travel to the depths. I’ve been thinking about this constantly.

How come when we see someone sitting on the sidewalk, dirty and destitute, we simply walk by without offering to buy them lunch?

How come when someone says “I want to die” with tears in their eyes, we grunt and tell them to stop being dramatic?

How come when someone confides in someone else that they cut themselves, they either brush it off as attention-seeking or they ignore it without talking to them with compassion?

How come when someone struggles with drug addiction, we scoff at them and look at them with disgust?

How come when someone is different than everyone else people decide to pick on them to such an extent that they kill themselves?

How come when someone kills themselves people are so quick to judge them as selfish and stupid for doing such a thing?

How come when someone likes something other than the popular stuff they are left out?

How come people don’t step in when there is a fight or bullying, but instead they pull out their cameras to film it for social media attention?

How come parents are filming themselves punishing their children just to prove a point?

How come skinny girls can have eating disorders, but larger girls are just gluttons?

How come boys can be victims of anxiety and depression, but because they are men they have to get over it?

How come our way is better than everyone else’s way?

How come the person who is transgender is ridiculed or even accused of having a split personality?

How come people are willing to watch bloody violent movies or sadistic porn for enjoyment, but then turn around and hate rapists and murderers?

That man on the side of the road just lost his job and got kicked out of his parents’ house because he has schizophrenia.

That person who tried to reach out for help killed themselves that night

The person who told you they cut themselves, they do it because no one listens and physical pain is better than emotional pain.

That drug addict, they were given drugs by their parents when they were seven years old.

That kid who was bullied and killed himself, an acceptance letter from Harvard came for him the following day, but someone told him that he was completely unloved and that there is no point in him living anymore. They beat him up and told him he was a burden and his parents and the school did nothing to stop the bullies. They just said “teens are teens.”

After the kid died, everyone scoffed him and had nothing to say but “coward” and “pathetic loser” with no care about his value. That letter from Harvard wasn’t even opened. It was trashed in the envelope.

The girl that was left out for liking to wear simple, plain clothes, was the most brilliant singer and could’ve made it huge if she were encouraged to share it, but her fear of people always rejecting her kept her silent and believing she was terrible.

That man you filmed getting beat up, was actually innocent and now everyone mocks him and threatens to “kick his ass.” Some of them actually do and film it. “Street fight part 2.” The man was already afraid of people and wanted to avoid them. Now he can’t.

That child you “whooped” on camera for drinking a drink you said not to drink, but you deliberately set them up to tempt them, they were tormented at school and instead of learning not to drink something that isn’t theirs, they learned that it is more fun to hurt people and he now steals money from kids at school to get back at them.

That large girl you teased for being fat, has a suicide plan because no matter how hard she tries to eat better and lose weight, she is so dependent on food to fill the void of loneliness and shame that she binges.

That boy who cried the other day, he has severe depression and can hardly function, but his dad yells at him to get over it, his friends abandoned him for being a “wimp,” and by now he hasn’t slept in almost two weeks from anxiety that causes him to shake and throw up a few times a day.

The woman wears that dress because she feels right in it, not because she is forced to wear it as a sign of oppression. Now she believes she is wrong and social conformity twists her in conflict with what she is comfortable wearing versus what she “should” wear.

That boy who was born a girl has never once chosen a gender. His brain biologically didn’t align with his female body so he suffered tremendous dysphoria, never once becoming a dissociated personality.

That brutal porno you watched, the actors had to be sewn up afterwards and treated for lacerations. That movie you watched with the torture chamber, some innocent woman in the real world was abducted on her way to pick up her young children and is being killed in the same way.


These are just my thoughts tonight. I’m really distressed about the moral condition of our society and I just needed to get this out. These are of course hypothetical, but how far from reality are they? Extreme? Maybe. But you never know…