I have a few things on my mind today.

For one, I have been thinking about the value of knowledge, the obligation we have as human beings in a troubled society to learn as much as we can about as many things as we can in order to have a contributive impact on the world. We must be striving to build each other up and educate one another. I am thinking about school and wondering how it would be possible to encourage kids in learning new things. How can we get children away from mind-rotting activities and hours of social media and steer them towards creating things, using their talents to do something new, using their energy to stay active, encouraging them to maintain their health, and helping them understand the value of reading and learning? I am not saying force kids into academic fields, but rather give them something through which they can express their interests and learn more about them in a way that they would really want to.

Second I am tired of people who claim others use no logic when they use none themselves. It seems that many people only know how to think what others think and not what they personally think as an individual. We must come to conclusions before we agree with others, not agree with others and shape our conclusions around it. I believe in thinking critically and arguing the same way. This strongly applies to today’s controversial topics, to which I am currently coming to my own conclusions through intensive thought and study. Don’t shout the faults in others’ opinions without examining your own and asking yourself how it applies to reality and empirical truth.

I have been trying to figure out what I need to do over the next several years, including learning some new languages and getting back into music. I have suddenly become very interested in learning engineering and math and would like to one day be good at those. I need to write a piece of music for the church’s Christmas service so I have been thinking about that, and I want to eventually go back to school to study many different areas. I am trying to learn Spanish, but I want to learn Greek and Hebrew as well as the other Jewish and Christian languages to do a study of the Bible that is historical, grammatical, cultural, and spiritual to see what it is all about and maybe some of my suspicions will slowly resolve themselves.

People don’t have facts a lot of the time. I have been astounded at the things people will say about different things. I have been thinking about why people have such a hard time with empathy and compassion. When will we stop correcting people and start understanding them? When will we stop assuming things about people and can we end all this ridiculous nonsense of telling other people what they are feeling and experiencing? I have no right to tell you that you feel such and such emotion, just like no one has the right to tell me my depressions are nothing more than a bad mood that I can change with willpower. That is absurd!

As a writer I have a need to learn and research, and I am hoping for a job where I can support myself while I learn, read, write, and get in healthy shape. With the exception of weighty stress on my mind that is pushing my skull open, I have been encouraged in my weight loss and that keeps me going. I am determined to do this. My novel, which I have started handwriting, is evolving almost weekly and I am very excited about it. After school, I need to work hard to finish it. The characters are coming alive and they are beginning to do things I didn’t expect them to.

These are just the random thoughts of a random person. There will be many more to come.