Despite the dark places I experienced in 2015, there were many good things that happened as well, and remembering them is helping me get through my current depression. I made a list of positives and things to be grateful for.

I strengthened great friendships.

I made Dean’s list twice

I quit smoking.

My mom got a really good job.

I graduated college.

My brother came to Alabama.

I lost over 60 pounds and counting.

I wrote a ton.

I was more productive than I have been in many years.

One of my best friends got engaged.

I began to talk with my Dad again.

My cousin had a healthy baby.

I started to draw again.

The church I play piano for has been very kind to me.

All of my grandparents/family and friends gave me generous gifts for graduation and Christmas.

Another best friend started a great job.

My friends and I had excellent phone conversations that lasted hours.

I finally downloaded music to my phone.

I worked more on my blogs.

I began to eat much healthier.

I started running and getting in shape.

I started a novel.

I found purpose.

These are a few things off the top of my head, although there are more that I missed. It has been a colorful year. Hopefully this difficult transition period and episode gets better and 2016 is even more exciting. I’m both anticipating it and fearful, but I’m praying it works out.