Last night I had a few dreams that I can remember, although they weren’t quite vivid enough to remember in full detail. I do have those dreams sometimes. But I wanted to share the few dreams from last night that I can recollect.

One dream was a shifting episode where at one point, a woman was chasing me shooting me with a pellet gun that was incredibly painful. At some point it turned into a real gun and I was running for my life. She was unhinged and terrifying, so I did my best to defend myself by finding a gun myself. We had a showdown which resulted in injuries. But then, suddenly, I found myself walking home from high school and the religion professor from my college was living in my home town, along with all of my friends. The professor came by and picked us all up in his van and we were driving through the city, but he was a horrendous driver and we nearly collided with other cars the entire way. Talk about a dream with an abrupt turn of events!

Another dream took place in college, and a bunch of people I went to high school with were there. It was the first day of class and I had Math, of which my old band director was the professor. She decided to give us a test (not a quiz, but an actual exam) on the first day, which I was not prepared for in the slightest. First of all I was late so by the time I got there the other students were all sitting down and ready to take the test. There were materials we needed to retrieve from the cupboard, including sheets where we write our answers, and multiple other sheets of weird instructions and formulas. I also grabbed a pencil and sat down. The professor gave us our exams and we got to work. The problems were so convoluted that I know they don’t exist in real life. There were kids of all ages in the class, including a five-year old who took my sheet where I was recording my answers! I told him he could not have it, but the professor said that every student was allowed a trade, so he had a right to steal my answers, in which case I had to start over on a new test. I was furious and threw my exam and screamed at my professor, saying that I was through with college and she told me in a mocking voice that after I was through with my year off of sulking, to come back for graduate school to do something useful. I laughed and walked out.

The last dream I remember was haunting. There were three families who were feuding in some sort of religious village where music was illegal. The reason they were feuding was because one woman decided to learn piano, which was forbidden, and the other families were boiling with anger. Over time, the hatred between the families grew to dangerous levels, and the woman who played piano began to lose her mind, displaying bizarre episodes of catatonia and psychosis. She walked around the house like a zombie and mumbled to herself, frightening the children. Well, most of them. One girl was a psychopath who convinced her vulnerable and insane mother to grab the shotgun and go on a killing spree so she could eliminate the other families. One night the mother went out, one daughter begging for her to stop, the sociopathic one giggling and encouraging her. The mother stared dead-eyed and flat, holding the gun like a walking stick, but at some point she stopped walking and refused to move any further. Frustrated, the disturbed daughter took it into her own hands; she grabbed the gun from her and made her way to the village to spill blood. The other daughter ran ahead a warned the others and one other girl came out of a house to meet the evil daughter, who pointed the shot gun in her face, mocking her. The other girl disarmed her and shot her before she could kill anyone, and at that point the feud was over.

These are just examples of my wild dreams, often laced with intense emotion and violence. I do have hilarious dreams and sad dreams too. In fact, I also dreamt that I woke up and wrote my dreams down last night, which I did not do.

I hope you find these as interesting as I did. Dreams are fascinating and I always try to interpret them, whether they are related to my stress, my medications, or just my bizarre imagination.