My favorite season of the year is approaching, though of course here in Alabama it arrives later than it does in New Hampshire where I am from, and it stays warmer for a longer period of time, but it is slowly moving its way in nonetheless.

Fall is the time of year where I am most productive, which is perfect since I am progressing further along in my novel and I have research to do. My plan is to take advantage of the energy fall gives me and work hard on my goals. And since it cools off significantly in the mornings, it will be excellent to go walking and running just before dawn. I am much more comfortable in the cold than I am in the sweltering heat.

This season holds many kinds of memories for me, both good and bad. There are wonderful things that bring me inner peace, such as cold afternoons after school when I would go out for a walk and create music in my head, come home and drink hot chocolate or coffee, and then go do my homework. I loved playing in the marching band during the fall football games and competitions. There is something about the sun setting early that winds me down for the night. I would rather the sun set early and rise early than set late and rise late.

Then there are also those memories that I wish I could forget. There were times when depression reached a near blinding intensity, and then there were those days where there were no emotions at all, just flat nothingness. It is a wonder why fall and winter are so peaceful to me when I look back and anticipate forward because when I really think, I am no more or less prone to mental health slips than at any other time of the year.

I believe the colors and the early twilight really do it for me, because despite still experiencing anxiety, the day seems to go away quicker and more smoothly. The reds and browns of the leaves, the naked trees, and the mist on my breath are comforting to me, so much so that my greatest joys are when I can wake up in the morning and go out and experience it.

This fall I am going to finish my first book, and I will do it regardless of any setbacks. I hope to get a job soon so I can help out more so with pecuniary needs and better support myself other than the money I am earning playing piano for the church. Oh yes, and that is another wonderful thing about fall. Music comes alive within my mind and spirit and it ignites a passion for writing and playing music. I have another song I am working on so that is an added project.

Many people dread the arrival of autumn because it is cold, dark, and gloomy, but it is just those characteristics that enthrall me, though I see those same traits as refreshing, peaceful, and gorgeous. If every month of the year could be like November (or October in New Hampshire) I would be satisfied. I am looking forward to finishing the first of my novels and finally recording some of my music.

I will probably be writing a lot about the fall this season so you will definitely hear about the awe that draws this year to a close from my perspective.