There are different genres in which I enjoy writing and there are many topics upon which I like write.

At one time I would have said that fantasy was my favorite genre to read and write, but now I find that while fantasy is a great outlet for creativity, world building, and crafting epic mythologies, I am fulfilled in writing work that bases itself more in realism and philosophy as well.

As far as realism, I love to write about complex people, characters whom I would love to befriend, others I would want to punch in the face, and some I would like to have real conversations with, good and bad. My characters are diverse and I find comfort in mentally engaging with each of them.

Some of my characters are clearly villainous, but many of them have traits of villainy and heroism in them together, making them much more intricate and realistic. Figuring out their psychology by writing them out is a great way for me to exercise my mind and break down the idea of the “ideal character” and blur the lines between purely good and purely evil. We all have traits of both.

As far as themes, I love intense drama and thrilling emotionality, such as dark social issues, political instability, fantastical menace, or psychological terror as elements for my fiction, to varying degrees and sometimes all within the same story. However, there are also themes like love, passion, personal responsibility, and relationships that depict different kinds of people and their perspectives. I love the sometimes tumultuous relationships between characters and between characters and their situations. Violence is often a factor as well.

The more intricate the plot, the more I enjoy writing it. So far I have drafts of stories that will become novels and I have been journaling their paths. Driven by different emotions, desires, or agendas, my characters interact with one another sometimes in mysterious ways. I always have groups of characters who are loyal to one another, but there are always problems, just like there are in our everyday lives. Death, despair, addiction, illness, poverty, abuse, war, disaster, and unforeseen setbacks along with sudden tragedies are a part of life, and as much as we all hate them and wish they were nonexistent, they are there nonetheless. However there is also joy, beauty, serendipity, ebullience, prosperity, success, recovery, salvation, and progress in life as well, and those are some of the things that balance us in our difficulties.

I enjoy writing the kinds of stories I would want to read, whether it be a Dostoyevsky-esque drama, a Beowulf-like epic, a Stephen King horror thriller, or a deep, sweeping fantasy of Robert Jordan or Tolkein. One thing I worry about is that my stories are not always easily placed into a genre, so people might not know how to categorize them.

I don’t write just fiction. I enjoy writing about politics, philosophy, history, and psychology as well, along with personal narratives and other nonfiction material.

It is important to write about what you love and who you are. Writing is such a great way to communicate your ideas and your perspective on the world and everything going on within it. See what you can do with your circumstances and your interests as far as writing a story is concerned. Think outside the box. When you see a fly buzzing around, while your shooing it away, think about how it might see life, or maybe how you would see the world if you were to wake up in the morning as small as a fly. When you look up at the stars at night, think about what the constellations would say to one another, or what they would say to you.

Writing is not always sane. Sometimes you have to think about some very odd things.

When I am creating my characters and writing upon my themes, there are many strange things that come to mind, and I write them down in case they are useful later on.

The novel I am working on right now is in its first draft and it needs a lot of work, but it is a project that has brought me great joy. It incorporates many of the things I mentioned above, and by mixing elements, it allows me to exercise my writing in a way I haven’t ever done before.

Now that I have a job where I have means to financially support myself, I can focus on writing without the added fears of running out of money at the rate I was. Life is expensive, and it is hard to write when pecuniary troubles are weighing down on you. Almost every writer in history had jobs to support themselves because it’s difficult to get a career going.

I simply wanted to share a bit about what I enjoy writing on from my perspective. What kinds of things do any of you enjoy reading or writing? If you have suggestions, then I’ll keep track and make myself a list of authors I need to read.