Hello readers! I’m back after a lengthy delay in posts. I have been struggling with what to do with this blog, never mind the craziness going on in my family right now. I was in New Hampshire for a week to address an emergency – with no Wi-Fi, then came back with no idea what to write, then became ill and was in bed for another week. All while dealing with a depressive episode that lasted three weeks. Anyway, things have calmed down and my depression is lifted, so I’m back.

And I have some news. I finally have a niche! I have been struggling horribly trying to find a niche, so I have been simply writing whatever came to mind and it wasn’t consistent, which was maddening. I wanted to be able to focus and give my perspective on things in a steady manner rather than being fleeting and meaningless.

I know I have been incredibly indecisive with this blog and my ideas on it changed so much, but I am giving it an overhaul. There will be some people who like it, and some who do not, though I hope my current readers will find it interesting. Feel free to disagree, however. I apologize for the roller coaster. My mind doesn’t always work in an organized way, but now I finally have a better focus.

This blog’s niche is going to focus on philosophy. I know I said I wanted to keep things like politics and religion out of it, but I have decided to reach into those touchy subjects as part of my philosophical explorations. Here’s the thing. As a writer I need to expose myself to criticism and harsh words of disagreement. I need to get used to the fact that there will be people who hate my ideas and my writing, and I need to learn to be okay with that. If I don’t, then I will never grow a thick skin and I will be ready to crumble at every rejection letter I receive for my writing.

So I am going to begin sharing a little bit of my political stances, which will change over time as I learn more. I will share my criticisms of religion as well. But then I also want to go into science, psychology, history, the arts, biology, sociology, and ideas concerning the human condition as they pertain to philosophy and my perspective on them. After all, wouldn’t it be much more fitting to write about the world and the elements of its inhabitants through time from my perspective?

Now, I want people to feel free to disagree. That is part of the reason I am writing this. To be honest, I am terrified. People will unfollow, and maybe slander me, calling me names and sending me hateful messages. What I hope for is constructive criticisms, where we can have discussion and I can learn new things from the comment section. If there is something I have written that you don’t agree with or you think is incorrect from a factual standpoint, let me know and correct me on it. I love to learn from people’s insight and their knowledge on things I may not yet understand.

Thank you so much to my current readers for bearing with me on this journey. I tend to throw people in for unexpected loops since my mind is so wild. However, I have wanted to do a blog like this for a while now. I have just been too scared to do so, therefore I played it safe. I wanted people to get to know me a little before I began sharing criticisms and dissenting ideas.

A lot of my posts will be more objective, and will rather be intended to provoke discussion and thoughts outside the box. There may be some wild and fantastical ideas that may seem to make no sense, but in my opinion, philosophy is about trying to make sense of the nonsensical.

This blog is also for myself. I need a conduit with which to explore my own ideas, mold my own perspective, gain knowledge from readers, and connect with people who may or may not agree with me. I am trying to prepare myself for any vitriol that may come. I have been admiring various commentators and public figures and their ability to handle the anger and hatred of their opponents, and that is something that I aspire to. I have already rubbed some people the wrong way on Facebook with a couple posts in the past, but I have decided to stop feigning neutrality. Connecting all of these things to philosophy and trying to figure out how to interact in the world is invigorating for me, and I cannot allow people’s fury stop me from speaking out. I have already discussed my views on freedom of speech, but now I want to actually put it to practice.

I hope you all enjoy, and again, if there’s something you don’t like, let me know. I don’t expect everyone to agree, since we all have our own perspectives. But this blog is simply the concept of the human experience and how we exist from my perspective. What I mean by that is, I am on a mission to figure out how we can come together and advance as a human race so we can continue our already enormously successful evolutionary journey.

Thank you for bearing with me!