I am in the developing stages of a mini-project that I hope you will find interesting. At this point I have sketched out ten posts, but that isn’t set in stone.

I might be taking a break for a couple of weeks in order to work on it, so don’t assume I have forgotten about the blog. I really want to focus and make this as effective as I can.

The project is going to explore my idea of “societal psychosis” which is something I made up; however, if that term has already been taken by someone I am unaware of, let me know and I will work on another name.

What is societal psychosis? I believe it is when a society succumbs to collective delusions and grandiose voyages fueled by emotional distress and ignorance. It is when we are trained in lies and thus respond with paranoia and fantastical perceptions of the world around us, similar to a person with a psychotic disorder. There is little if any insight, and even when faced with evidence and reason, it is almost impossible to convince them their delusions and false perceptions are imaginary. It is frustrating trying to treat this social syndrome because it can transmogrify into a cyclone of destruction beyond the point of rational thought and discussion – what I would say is the therapy needed. Exposure to opposing views is necessary.

This is not conservative vs. liberal, Republican vs. Democrat, atheist vs. theist, or one race versus another, or anything along those lines. It is something that can afflict any group and can metastasize in any philosophy, political affiliation, religion, race, gender, or other group. I have seen these issues occur in every corner of society.

I am simply exploring this idea in my little project. It is by no means an established theory of mine. In actuality, I am writing it and posting it in order to receive some feedback and even criticism as I try to clarify and share my thoughts on the current state of affairs.

This series of posts should be interesting and frustrating to write. Interesting because I wonder how it will turn out, frustrating because I need to figure out the best way to present it. So, as I said, I might be missing in action for a few weeks because I want to complete it in its entirety before I start posting it.

By combining mental health with societal health, I am bridging two of my favorite subjects upon which to ponder – psychology and philosophy. I have always thought of a society as being susceptible to not only physical disease, but mental and emotional imbalances as well. However, I do not think of society as an organism because that would imply that we are not free individuals who can live to our own wills. In that case, we would be slaves to a collective only for the benefit of the whole, like an ant colony.

I am by no means a philosopher by profession or expertise, but I do enjoy thinking and opening my mind to new possibilities and ideas.

I would like to use this as a framework upon which to flesh out my writing in this blog. There are so many issues I want to discuss, but it has been maddening trying to organize it all and invent the law and order of the posts. So now I can hopefully pave the way for my own consistency.

I hope this project goes well. Like I said, it is ten posts so far, but that is always subject to change. I have to say I am a bit excited. Nervous, but anticipating some interesting concepts.