I haven’t been on this blog in a while for a number of reasons. Basically, I am the most indecisive person in the world and could not figure out what I wanted to do, so I just focused on my War of the Brain blog and have been adding more to that. For those of you who have not seen that one, War of the Brain is my mental health blog. The link is here:


I have been debating on whether or not I want to turn From My Perspective into a larger work and I just could not figure out how to do it. So I decided to begin creating a self-hosted website that is still in the works. I am going to be moving to that in the future. There I will have many more options as far as how I want my website to operate and I will also be able to sell some of my other writing. Plus, I can link it to a podcast that I am drafting as well.

So what will this website be? Currently I am writing my first series, which will be eight to ten posts on a particular topic that I hope you find interesting. I want to do series like this on various subjects ranging from philosophy and psychology to science and beyond. I have wanted to give my perspective on major social and political issues as well, though I felt this blog was not the appropriate place to do so. I need a new start.

This website will cover some controversial topics, but it is mostly a place for me to share my thinking on various topics. I have been reading and researching and gaining new perspectives on ideas and I believe it would be a great opportunity to share and get feedback on them.

The truth is, I am terrified. I will be forward and honest. I am preparing myself for the battleground that is the internet and I am coming to terms with the fact that there are some ridiculous people out there. I am fearful of embarrassment as well. But I have to face them, regardless of what happens. How else do I expect to develop into a tough, thick-skinned, fearless writer?

Part of my current life plan is pushing myself into new territories, something I have always avoided. Writing about how I see the current state of academia, or the cultural wars that are beginning to fire up here and there, or the hysterias from both the Left and the Right, or criticisms of religion, ideology, or social movements, will never be an easy task for me. However, it is something I feel needs to happen. There are conversations that need to be had.

From My Perspective was a great way for me to open myself up to online writing, but it became so convoluted and disorganized that it frustrated me and I just didn’t want to work on it anymore. I had no real plan in mind and therefore it began to fall apart.

I have had some faithful readers, however, and I am thankful to all who read and commented, liked, shared, and otherwise supported it.

You remember that post I made about My new Project? Well, consider this website an extension of that project. The reason it has taken so long is not because I do not write. It is because I have so much that I’ve written about and so much material to discuss that I cannot figure out how to organize it and I get overwhelmed with ideas. It doesn’t help that I have plans for almost thirty novels running through my head simultaneously, I have ideas for a symphony and several songs, and I have dozens of books to read.

I really am awful at figuring out the course of my work and I have a terrible time managing my ideas in a precise manner (hopefully a future employer doesn’t see this). I have about twenty notebooks going, and hundreds of pages of essays, notes, letters, drawings, literary sketches, poems, and lists that are stuffed in my backpack, covering my desk, and piled in the living room where I can access them wherever I am. Trust me, it’s not a matter of not having material. It’s a matter of having too much material all over the place!

I know I have not been the most reliable content creator, but I am trying. I just need to get my head together in one place so I don’t fall apart and begin going off the rails in six directions.

So, you can check out my mental health blog in the link above, and hopefully within the next month I’ll have my website ready with a series to publish. Then I can work on my podcast. Oh, wow, am I scattered!

Thank you for reading and I will work hard on my writing to get it out there. For now, I have some more writing to do before I settle down with my current read. I bought Stephen King’s It and am excited to finish it. Very good book! I told myself I would read it before seeing the movie. I also bought a couple of astrophysics books and an edition of Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks that I started this morning.

I will see you soon! Thank you to those who have encouraged me along the way.