[This post is an example of what I have written for my website, and I think that I will share some of it here. I am still writing for that website and I will post this on there when I get it ready to launch. But let me know what you think. The website I am creating will be a wide range of subjects, much of it stemming from this kind of premise – somewhere inside my head where the thoughts are purer and more fantastical. It might be weird, but that’s okay. Take from it as meaning what you will.]

For some reason, when I am there, I feel more peace and comfort than I ever do in the real world, maybe because all of the anxieties of the real world are removed and are substituted by something more satisfying to the part of my soul that is fed by solace and lack of distraction.

It is one of the many places I go to write, a place in another realm in another trek of time entirely separate from the one I was born in. This place, this time, revolves around an entirely different star, a red supergiant that sends the sky into a deep blaze of red fringed by the dark violet of space barely ignited by the star’s furnace.

The sands are rust red, soft and dry, and the waters are still as glass, dark as oil, and deeper than even the pit of the most depressive despair one mortal can imagine. There may as well not be a bottom to the ocean that stretches out to the horizon, coming into the inlet of land braced by dusty rocks that send their walls into the deep.

However, despite the silence of the cool breeze, there is no true silence, since the throbbing pulse of the universe’s heartbeat can be heard, the song of the stars and symphonies of the galaxies. I have found that there is real, audible music of the celestial bodies on this planet and it changes all the time, giving me the mind-expanding high I need to write and compose all of my novels and stories. Of course, I am not here all the time, but I do enjoy my vacations here.

The constant ebb and flow of the operatic performance of the void sends me messages, which I record in my journals, and I have decided I that would attempt to share them with others. Sometimes I go into the water and swim a little, the liquid cool and clean, and clear underneath despite the darkness as seen from above the surface. I have not encountered any other form of life other than strange vegetation around my abode, but that does not mean there are no animals out beyond my reach and sight.

Is this figurative? Are these the ramblings of a madman? Well, technically yes to both of these, which I will expand upon in the future. If you are interested in learning more about this, then keep reading and join me on my voyage through the cosmos that is thought and consciousness, diving through the realms that are inhabited by all of us in multi-dimensional organisms. We sometimes glimpse these realms in our sleep, where we can disconnect from our current fixed form.

On this red beach I sit with my journal and jot down some ideas for a story for which I will also write a symphony, or maybe a ballet, for when I go back and give it to others to read. Right now I am in a place of isolation within, and that is how it needs to be. I may sound crazy for a while, but that is okay. I will attempt to make myself clearer in time.

My abode, that I mentioned earlier, is a cottage, situated not far from the water, and in all of the years and ages I have been coming here there have been no destructive forces of nature. The giant star that provides light and warmth creates no significant weather other than the occasional rain, and the clouds are thin. I can see the multitudes of the heavens and all of the spheres contained in it, therefore, I never run out of phenomena to observe.

The dome of the sky that encapsulates the starry canvas is like my own observatory, and sometimes I will paint what I see in pieces, creating a greater and greater map of the universe as the globe I am resting upon moves through the vacuum like a racing bullet shot by the singularity, heated up, formed, lapidified, and rounded by the forces of gravity and eventually polished for me to come and stay.

For now, I am the only one aware of this place, and I take great joy in being here. I have had the time and the drive to create many wonderful things that I plan on one day showing others, but not until the time is right. Now is a time to hone in on my specific abilities and extend the reach that my mind can make before saying goodbye forever and never coming back. But that could be a long way yet.

This manifesto that I am presenting to you can be taken any way you want. If you see my words as nonsense and gibberish, then that is your interpretation; yet, I will tell you it is much more satisfying to search deeper than that.

The beach I visit here and there on the line of time, sometimes going back and forward, is one of my favorite places to go, and I wish I had more control over when I am able to go there. Unfortunately, my travels are restricted, since my consciousness in my current fixed state can only process linear time and the laws of the universe in which I was born, and I cannot simply go there even if I simply imagine it. The whims of my mind will take me there whenever it aligns correctly. Essentially, I go there when my mind decides for itself that it needs to be free.

Join me on my journey, writing these strange chunks of prose and trying to piece together the entirety of my existence and what it means. You might find something interesting in some posts, maybe not. But you are free to take from them what you will.

For now, I return to my writing and hope that when I look up, the sky has changed enough for me to have something completely new to compose.