I wanted to share with you all the link to my first book. It is called War of the Brain: A Journal Living with Mental Illness. I published it on Amazon last week and it is now available to buy as an eBook. I plan on setting it up this week for print, so it will hopefully be available in paperback soon.


This book is a glimpse into what it is like for me to live with schizoaffective disorder and anxiety, the daily and weekly battles I face, and the war that millions of people are fighting right now. I wanted to bring awareness to the issues and maybe help others understand what mental illness is like.

The book is written like a journal with different topics that I decided to write about over the course of the last few years. The topics range from the darkness of depression and the throes of psychosis, to brief glimpses into my past and what I went through when I was younger and first beginning to experience my mental breakdown. Some of it is intense, including a dream I had about completing my suicide. I also discuss my experiences with treatment including mental hospitals, medication, therapists, and psychiatrists.

My journal sometimes goes back and forth between feeling good, and feeling deep despair, sometimes those clusters of bad days rearing their ugly heads at the most inconvenient of times. But mental illness doesn’t discriminate between when is and isn’t a good time to have an episode. There is a battle that must be fought at all costs, and it is vital to be able to recognize when you need help.

I also talk about what families and friends should be aware of when they have a loved one with mental illness, and also that loved ones of a mental patient go through a lot of stress as well, and they deserve support and help in learning how to cope with the situation.

This will not be my only book by far! I have numerous novels planned, including one of which I already have the first draft written. It is a novel loosely based on my life as a teen, but it is mostly fiction with a thread of reality trying it together.

I am nervous about this next book since it opens up some other doors that I have not shared with anyone except my closest friends and one high school teacher I had.

So stay tuned for that.

This is my first step in the world as an author, and I really want to work hard to make it my life. I have some crazy stuff planned for the future. I have been journaling material for these projects for years and I am refining them every day. I hope you will take a look at this book and maybe leave a comment on what you think.

Thank you all for being such awesome readers.