From My Perspective

where I share my thoughts on life and our world


As a writer, I want to explore new ideas and create art with words in such a way that gets my readers thinking outside the box. I have two WordPress blogs, one on philosophy and my perspectives on politics, the sciences, history, the arts, etc., and the other on my experiences with mental illness and my endeavors to learn more about mental health and psychology to spread awareness and bring about a better understanding of the subject for both myself and others. I am trying to expose myself to criticisms and even vitriol, so feel free to disagree and comment on my posts if you have something to say. I will not delete any comments myself because you have a right to have your voice heard as much as I do. I am giving up going to grad school to write and learn on my own, so if you want to share knowledge with me I may not have, do so! I want to learn as much from you as I learn from anywhere else. I hope you enjoy, and give me some feedback. I am always looking to improve.


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